I’m Michael Yang, a CS student at New York University, College of Arts and Sciences. I work a lot with Javascript + Node.js, Python, and web tech­nologies.

View some of my projects below. You can find my resumé here, or contact me at yangmichaelnospamthankyou@nyu.edu.

I’m also on Github and most other sites as @themichaelyang.



Radar is a work in progress collection of experiments to allow for 3D motion control in the browser, using the phone.


MIRA, or "Motion Interface Robotic Arm", is a 3D printed custom robotic arm which can controlled by a LeapMotion over the internet.


Hextris is a fast paced game inspired by Tetris. Written in HTML5 and Canvas.


Swap is a new take on the classic tile-based puzzle game. Written in HTML5 and Canvas.


LexHack is an annual hackathon held at Lexington High School.