I’m Michael Yang, a CS & Math student at New York University. I work a lot with Javascript + Node.js, Python, and web tech­nologies.

This summer, I'll be working at Stripe. Last summer, I was a hackNY Fellow at BuzzFeed. Previously, I've worked at Yelp, the Collaborative Social Systems Lab, and Mapkin (now acquired by MapQuest). Check out some of my projects below.

You can contact me at yangmichaelnospamthankyou@nyu.edu. I’m also on Github and most other sites as @themichaelyang.


Radar (Work in Progress)

Radar is a work in progress collection of experiments to allow for 3D motion control in the browser, using the phone.


MIRA, or "Motion Interface Robotic Arm", is a 3D printed custom robotic arm which can controlled by a LeapMotion over the internet.


Hextris is a fast paced game inspired by Tetris. Written in HTML5 and Canvas.


Swap is a new take on the classic tile-based puzzle game. Written in HTML5 and Canvas.


LexHack is an annual hackathon held at Lexington High School.